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Dear Reader Friends,

Welcome to my sparkling world of contemporary romance.  Here, you will encounter strong heroes, independent heroines, a dash of mystery, a sprinkling of radiant jewels and a forever love.

If you like sand between your toes, the lapping of waves against the shore, and beautiful sunsets, you will enjoy Rayanna Ladd and Gabriel Brock short story entitled Tickled Pink. Their story is included in the Southwest Florida Romance anthology entitled From Florida with love.

I hope you will surf my website to learn more about my world of words.


Love is the precious jewel of life.

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Out Now

Death Roll -- Diana Welker

Death Roll

Lies—and love—collide over sunken in murky Florida gulf waters. Will the outcome be gems and gold or a watery grave?

Jewelry designer and gemologist, MEGAN FOSTER, purchases an antique portrait of a bewitching temptress draped in emeralds and discovers a two hundred year old diary and treasure map hidden behind the frame. To unlock the secrets of the map and the woman, Megan engages the help of a underwater photograph turned artist.

Diver, ERIC CORTES, gets much more than he bargained for at his first private showing as an aspiring artist. He never expected to meet an intriguing jewelry designer or hunt for a lost pirate treasure or become the prime suspect in a murder.

Their quest embroils them in a maze of murder, deceit and a tumultuous relationship.

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