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Death Roll -- Diana Welker

Death Roll

Jewelry designer and gemologist, MEGAN FOSTER, purchases an antique portrait of a bewitching temptress draped in emeralds and discovers a two hundred year old diary and treasure map hidden behind the frame. To unlock the secrets of the map and the woman, Megan engages the help of a underwater photograph turned artist.

Diver, ERIC CORTES, gets much more than he bargained for at his first private showing as an aspiring artist. He never expected to meet an intriguing jewelry designer or hunt for a lost pirate treasure or become the prime suspect in a murder.

Their quest embroils them in a maze of murder, deceit and a tumultuous relationship.

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LULU in print:

Preorder date January 8, 2019
Release date: January 15, 2019
From: Satin Romance Kindle
Will be available in both eBook and print


Death Roll, by Diana 'DJ' Welker is a refreshing read with a twist. The author is a gemologist, as is the heroine of this debut novel. Megan embarks on a quest to recover stolen gems from a sunken ship off the coast of Florida. She has an ancient map telling her where to find them. The problem is - she has no boat and doesn't know the first thing about diving. Who should she let in on her secret quest? Enter Eric, tall, dark and handsome underwater photographer and artist. They meet by chance just when she realizes she needs help. Or do they?

The book is populated by many interesting characters. Some of them will be a threat to Megan and Eric in their quest to recover the treasure. Who can be trusted to help them? When Megan learns of Eric's family connection to the original owner of the gems, she's not sure she should have let him in on the secret. His mysterious brother and his brother's shady friends deepen the tension.
Electric Reader

Enjoyed this book very much, very well presented, It's very different from the ordinary novels I read. I kept looking at how many pages were left not wanting it to end. Congratulations Diana Welker. I'm anxious for the next book.  Connie

Once I started reading Death Roll I could not put it down until I finished. I truly enjoyed the book. Steven

Great story line, character development and descriptive scenery that offers a number of surprising twists and turns. Enjoyable read! Kent

If, you like to have a great read, at the beach or just to take you away from everyday life...this is for you... I finished it in 5 hours, it was hard to put down... it’s nice to know we still have great writters out there. TAKES PLACE in FLORIDA.  Renee

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