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author pictureMOST ASK QUESTIONS:

When did you start writing?

Answer: Oh the excitement of writing that first story.

On the first day of school, my third grade teacher assigned the task of recounting our summer adventures. Rushing home after school, I dug out my yellow pencil and pad to begin the epic tale of summer in northern Indiana.  Our teacher, the day after turning in our papers, selected the first one to read. Yes, it was mine. Pride was also mine. When she finished, she looked at all of us then directly at me and uttered those career changing words. “Class, I never want to read a paper like this again.” She held up my paper. “Never start every sentence with “The ”when writing anything.” I learned a valuable life lesson that day…pride certain does process a fall…and apparently I couldn’t write.

My first collegiate English term paper didn’t prove any better than my third grade one. Who knew some Profs took an instant dislike of failed third grade writers.  With a change of professors, I fared much better.  So much better that my papers were read by the new professor and, best of all, were used as class examples of what he expected. From him, I learned my second valuable life lesson…take to heart what your third grade teacher said about the word “The”…and maybe I could write.

But from the lessons learned in third grade and first term of college, I laid aside my aspirations to be a writer/photography for National Geography and elected instead for an exciting career in the gem and jewelry world.


My love of reading. Being an insatiable reader, I read anything and everything… the good, the bad, and the ugly.  One evening I picked up a badly written Regency. Her heroine was the only redeeming  quality. So I set about writing a Regency story with, in my opinion, a believable and much more interesting plot. A friend of mine borrowed my computer,  read it , loved it, and in front of my husband ask what I intended to do with it. My succinct reply, “Nothing.” I remembered that third grade teacher. Between my friend and my husband they insisted I pursue a career in writing. I rethought my third grade experience, remembered that second and third term professor, retired from the gem world, and began writing.

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